TPD – New Law

there is a new law coming into place for Europe this year which will have a massive impact on the vaping industry. The regulations are set to change the way people currently vape as it will be classed as a smoking cessation when it has nothing to do with it.

  • All refilliable products may be banned
  • Replaceables will be banned as its classed under ‘tampering’
  • 10ml liquid bottles maximum can be sold. Usual selling size is 30ml to 120ml
  • Variable voltage / variable wattage products banned to due apparent inconsistencies in nicotine delivery consumption.
  • Nicotine strength limit set at 20mg/ml.  – Common use is 3mg/ml, so that doesn’t affect everyone.
  • Flavours restricted to lower increase in young users.
  • Child proof packaging enforced
  • Increase in costs – tax related, helps government recoupe the loss in tobacco sales (Indirectly)
  • if 3 EU members ban a product (Electronic cigarettes) it becomes a Euro Ban and every country has to follow suit.
  • 40,000 jobs linked to the vape industry closed due to restrictions on working related problems.

Electronic Cigarettes in 2016 – How E-cig UK regulation is set to change the way you vape.

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